28 October 2021

Presentation at ECOMONDO 2021: ETV as a tool to help environmental technologies enter the market. The LIFEproETV project.

On the date of 28th October 2021 the presentation “ETV as a tool to help environmental technologies enter the market. The LIFEproETV project” on LIFEproETV project will be presented by representatives of project pertner ENEA.

The purpose of this presentation is to show the first results of the LIFEproETV project, with specific focus on the potential of ETV and its market acceptance and recognition opportunities. It summarizes the findings, defines the potential and proposes actions to move forward ETV, taking into account the findings of the ETV Pilot evaluation, the objectives set up for the development of the full-scale EU ETV Programme, as well as the extension context and the designed Roadmap.

New environmental technologies are essential to meet the target of Europe’s climate neutrality by 2050. The sustainable transition depicted in the European Green Deal is an opportunity for business to modernise and become more competitive. At the same time the European Green Deal poses a number of technological challenges to be addressed by new, green solutions. Despite an increasing demand for green innovations, their marketing still remains a challenge to developers and providers. The barriers encountered in the market entry of green innovations lead to missed opportunities for addressing the innovation challenge of sustainable transitions offered by these technologies. To eliminate this barrier, we need to promote and build strong market acceptance and recognition of tools that deliver sufficient and trustful proofs about the performance of green innovations and make the benefits of their application obvious to users. One of this tool is the Environmental Technology Verification (ETV). It is a voluntary environmental scheme dedicated to help new environmental technologies enter the market. It provides a third-party attestation that the claims referring to the performance of environmental technologies are true. The basis for the verification is quality assured and quality checked test data on technology performance. The scheme is open to treatment and monitoring technologies, new processes, products and services.

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29 September 2021

WEBINAR: Build Competitive Advantage For Your Green Innovation With EU ETV

On 29 September 2021, the Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) programme will host an online webinar on ETV’s potential to help innovators, investors, and buyers improve their confidence in new environmental technologies through verification.

Entitled ‘Build competitive advantage for your green innovation with EU ETV’, the event will take place from 10:00 to 12:00 CEST. During the 2-hour webinar, you will learn how the EU ETV process works, how ETV supports EU and national-level policy, and be presented with a variety of case studies that showcase the benefits of EU ETV.

Webinar is open to technology developers, public and private sector buyers, testing bodies, and policymakers working with environmental technologies at both the EU and national level. There will be speakers from the European Commission, European Institute for Technology, LIFEproETV project as well as developers and buyers of environmental technologies who have participated in the programme.

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The webinar is co-hosted by the LIFEproETV project.

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28-30 April 2021

ETV (Environmental Technology Verification) on Ökoindustria 2021 Green Expo & Conference

The biggest event in Hungary on green industry was held on 28th – 30th April. KÖVET Association participated and exhibited at the virtual event. During the 3-day event there were 150 presenters, 4300 registered participants, 14000 stand visits and 70 exhibitors. On KÖVET’s virtual stand, among other projects, the LIFEproETV project was presented and promoted especially for innovative SMEs.

One of the keynote speakers, Ms. Joanna Drake, the Deputy Director-General of the European Commission Directorate-General for the Environment (DG Environment) shared her thoughts on circular economy, Green Deal and eco-design. Upon the KÖVET’s executive director, Katalin Herner’s question she confirmed that ETV is an important part of the toolkit for circular economy transition and DG Environment is working on the development of the ETV scheme. She added that ETV has a strong connection to eco-design and is able to provide specific and reliable information for consumers about environmental performance of technologies and products.

The award for the most innovative development was given to PLATIO (Innovatív Térburkolatfejlesztő Kft.) which is a Budapest-based green tech company focused on manufacturing sustainable building materials for pavements. Their product is the PLATIO Solar Pavement, a design paving solution that makes solar technology part of the modern architecture. By using recycled materials for its production and providing a new clean energy source for cities, buildings, homes and marinas, the PLATIO paves the way to a greener future.

The award for the most often visited exhibitor of the expo was given to ENVIROTIS Holding Zrt. They deal with industrial waste management and complex remediation of industrial areas in Hungary. They offer green, innovative solutions to ensure sustainable economy.

KÖVET Association establishes the contact with both of the above companies – as well as with the other innovative companies that participated in the Ökoindustria 2021 – as they are all potential ETV candidates.

14-16 December 2020

LIFEproETV presented at 1st International Conference: Strategies Toward Green Deal Implementation

On 14 December our project as presented during a session “Cooperation for Climate” at the 1st International Conference “Strategies Towards Green Deal Implementation” The conference was organised as an on-line event by the Mineral and Energy Economy Research Institute Polish Academy of Sciences under the honorary patronage of the Ministry of Climate and Environment, Poland and the National Centre for Research and Development.

The purpose of the 1st International Conference on Strategies toward Green Deal Implementation – Water and Raw Materials (ICGreenDeal2020) was to present the issue of climate change and ways to prevent it through innovative solutions (technological, environmental, economic, and social) that can be implemented under the Green Deal Strategies. ETV aims to advance sustainable solutions for the needs of Green Deal Strategies. Therefore the aim of our presentation was to raise awareness about ETV and our project as contributor to building a strong market recognition and acceptance for this tool in Europe.

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19 November 2020

 LIFEproETV presented at LIFE projects coordinators kick-off meeting

The meeting created an opportunity to share information among coordinators of the newly awarded LIFE projects under Environment and Resource Efficiency Governance and Information Sub-Programme. LIFEproETV was presented under a Working Group  Resource Efficiency. The meeting provided a forum for networking and a chance to hearing about the latest EU policy developments relevant for circular economy and resource efficiency.

14-16 September 2020

LIFEproETV project kick off meeting (on-line)

LIFEproETV beneficiaries convene for a first project meeting. Due to COVID situation our team is not able to meet face to face. Therefore with sessions split into 3 days we will be discussing the implementation of our project and trying to learn each other better on-line.


Izabela Ratman – Kłosińska
LIFEproETV Coordinator
Institute for Ecology of
Industrial Areas, Katowice, Poland

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Take aways from the #ETV webinar published!
Our event organised in cooperation with ETV Secretariat gathered over 100 participants which proves interest in ETV. It was also a great opportunity to raise awareness


This project has received funding from the European Union’s LIFE Programme and is co-financed by the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Managment, Poland and the Ministry of Agriculture, Hungary