Building market value of the ETV scheme in the context of ESG and EU Green Taxonomy

The challenge addressed in the Roadmap for ETV market acceptance and recognition in Poland is to position the ETV scheme in the national sustainability financing and reporting ecosystem, taking into account the impact of the:

  • Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) ,
  • European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS) , and
  • the EU Taxonomy for sustainable activities

on the investment policies of companies, financing policies of public and private fund providers (banks, operators of public funding schemes) and new environmental technology adoption processes in companies in line with their sustainability transition plans.

Our roadmap focuses specifically on the topic of “sustainable water management” because of its importance for industry and society, and the challenges related to it in terms of: access to quality drinking water, water scarcity, material recuperation from wastewater, wastewater reuse. Although  the EU taxonomy and ESRS relate to sustainability of business activities notwithstanding the kind of technologies applied to achieve the indicator values and goals, reaching compliance to the technical screening criteria of the taxonomy may imply investment in new, high-performance environmental technologies resulting in reduced environmental impacts.

For technology users and buyers, ETV may help guide the purchase decisions to select effective and  scalable technologies that improve the environmental performance, address emerging regulations and meet stakeholder expectations. It can also be used to prove the improvement of the environmental  performance of their operations and value chains thanks to innovation e.g. for ESG reporting needs or demonstrating compliance to the technical screening criteria of the taxonomy. Last but not least, ETV may also be used to set up value networks and sustainable supply chains using the scheme as a mechanism for setting up multistakeholders acceptance of performance testing protocols and verification results.

For investors and funding bodies ETV offers a useful scheme supporting de-risking of  investment and funding decisions concerning green innovations and to serve as a proof helping ensure that the decisions on investments and financial support are environmentally sustainable and result in a reduced environmental impact.