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LIFEproETV promotes, provides knowledge, develops skills, capacity and enabling policy environment to build a strong acceptance and recognition of Environmental Technology Verification  as a voluntary scheme to support market uptake of innovative environmental technologies that:


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Environmental Technology Verification is a great tool to help companies in marketing their innovations and increase their market acceptance, however technology providers do not use ETV  as they neither know about the scheme nor is it requested by the buyers.

ETV supports transparent, evidence-based purchase decisions and value-based procurement, however buyers do not use ETV when buying new technologies as they are not aware of the scheme and there is a lack of guidance or best practices on how ETV could work in public procurement.

ETV  helps policy and decision markers achieve environmental, climate and innovation objectives, but ETV in poorly reflected in policies and thus its potential as a policy support tool is not fully exploited.

We need a collaborative approach involving stakeholders engagement, a solid and accessible knowledge base on ETV , skills and capacity building, favourable enabling environment and strong awareness raising and promotion to increase the market acceptance and recognition of ETV on EU and domestic markets.

Our Partners


Izabela Ratman – Kłosińska
LIFEproETV Coordinator
Institute for Ecology of
Industrial Areas, Katowice, Poland

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s LIFE Programme and is co-financed by the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management, Poland and the Ministry of Agriculture, Hungary