LIFEproETV project presented at Sustainable Economy in Horizon Europe. International Matchmaking & Networking [INSE’2023, 25-26. October 2023, Warsaw]

The Horizon Europe 2024 cluster 4 Twin Transition and resilience calls focus on green innovations related to critical raw materials recovery, waste processing and recycling, circular economy, use of hydrogen in innovative production processes, developing efficient technologies for capturing and purifying CO/CO2 as a product of industrial processes, optimizing resource utilization processes and increasing the efficiency of energy flow in industrial processes, advanced materials and technologies.

ETV may be a useful tool to maximise the exploitation potential of these innovations. With this message, I presented the ETV and the LIFEproETV project efforts to build market acceptance and recognition for the scheme. For projects involving a #demo installation TRL> 7 full ETV process may be performed as a task in the environmental assessment or exploitation workpackage. Also, a stakeholder interaction process for the development of mutually recognised testing and verification protocols implemented under technical workpackages may help define a relevant performance claim for the green innovation to accelerate its market rollout. For projects involving a demo or a prototype below TRL 7, a feasibility study for ETV may be carried out.

The benefits are obvious!

For projects involving a demo installation TRL>7 ETV may provide:

  • Third-party, objective proof of technology performance based on sound science, high-quality data and recognized performance verification protocols
  • Maximised deployment potential/reduced risk of market failure
  • Demonstrated minimized technical and operational risks related to innovation deployment
  • A clear differentiation of the new technology from conventional approaches
  • A potential pathway for technology standardisation

For projects involving a demo or a prototype installation below TRL 7 an ETV feasibility study may provide:

  • A clear understanding of the link between the performance of the developed technology and stakeholder needs
  • An idea of a market-relevant performance claim
  • A basis for the development of testing protocols for performance testing and verification recognised by stakeholders
  • A gap analysis and guidance on how to get ready for the ETV application

LIFEproETV Izabela Ratman-Klosinska _ETV