LIFEproETV project consortium meeting in September in Barcelona

Although ETV is no longer an EC programme, ISO14034 which is an internationally recognised standard for the ETV scheme defining how the performance claim of an environmental technology should be credibly verified, sets up new opportunities for market-driven as well as policy-driven applications of ETV. It is particularly true for the usefulness of the objective information about the green innovation which ETV provides in the context of a general call for businesses to take innovation on board in order to make their operations more sustainable.

These opportunities as well as planning of ETV promotion campaigns to be launched in Poland, Spain, Hungary, Slovenia and Spain later in autumn were discussed at our @LIFEproETVproject consortium meeting organised in Barcelona on 27-29.09.2023 by CETAQUA.

Since our last May meeting in Budapest,

During the campaigns, we will be presenting  ISO 14034 ETV to be recognised by the market players in the context of the EU Green Taxonomy e.g. as a mechanism generating data on technology performance relevant to demonstrate compliance to the technical screening criteria of the taxonomy. Such information may be particularly relevant for technology buyers seeking solutions to help them reach the parameters defined in the criteria. For businesses reporting under ESG, ETV Statements may support the credibility of the statements related to technical operations and their environmental impacts in ESG reporting. This ETV use case will be explored in Poland by IETU and IOS-PIB.

ISO 14034 ETV demonstrates also a strong potential for developing value networks for business in the context of a circular economy, where innovative circular materials and technologies enabling their production are gaining more and more attention in the supply chains. These contexts for ETV use will be addressed at the national level by ENEA in Italy and ZAG in Slovenia.

In Spain, we want to focus on ETV supporting the uptake of new technologies in the water sector – a highly regulated sector yet with a dynamically increasing demand for new technologies concerning the new EU regulations related e.g. to water recycling.

ISO 14034 ETV may be also used to set up a national ecosystem for creating a credible offer of green innovations at the national level. The benefits of ETV and how it can be used in that context will be demonstrated and promoted during a campaign in Hungary by KÖVET.

To implement these campaigns, we have developed dedicated national roadmaps which were presented and discussed at our meeting. They will be published on our website soon.

Last but not least, LIFEproETV will shortly offer a new source of information about ETV dedicated to key stakeholders: technology developers and providers, buyers, business support organisations and #testing centres. Our new ETV HUB will provide “all you need to know about ETV” support together with an online tool dedicated to ETV applicants to help them get prepared for submitting an ETV application file following the ISO 14034 requirements.

CETAQUA colleagues thank you for organising a great project consortium meeting!