LIFEproETV at The Business Booster 2021 in Berlin

Bringing innovative #energytechnologies to the market may last from 5 to even 15 years and is very capital intensive. Lack of trustful information on a #cleantech #innovation may easily turn off potential #investors not willing to undertake unnecessary #risks . #Startups often challenge meeting the risk profiles of investors who need credible information of the technical viability of their #greeninnovation to make decisions.

All that addresses innovative #greenenergysolutions.
Can something be done about it? YES!

Izabela Ratman-Klosinska, coordinator of the #LIFEproETV project, will talk about the gains of using #ETV as a derisking tool for #startups and #investors worked out under the #LIFEproETV project during a pitch session on 4th Nov 2021 at 2 pm at the Business Booster 2021 event in Berlin.

What’s in it for #cleantech #investors? ETV can make your due dilligence procedures simpler: an ETV Body will check and verify the #performnace claim of the early market stage technology for you in a way that you can trust.

What’s in it for #startups and cleantech #innovators: ETV will help you better meet the risk profile of the investor, add credibility to your new #technology offer and thus more easily find financing to bridge the #commercialisation gap.

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