ETV to support circular economy in Italy

The Italian Roadmap, titled ‘From Cost Perception to the Value of ETV as a Voluntary Environmental Scheme to Support the Transition to the Circular Economy’, focuses on the theme of the ‘Circular Economy’ in relation to the objectives outlined in the Italian National Strategy for the Circular Economy (SNEC). The SNEC is a policy document that sets out the actions, objectives, and measures needed to transition to circular models of growth and development. In order to support this transition, ENEA (the Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development) has defined a use case for ETV to encourage the development of circular value chains and business models in Italy. The use case involves identifying and addressing obstacles that hinder the adoption and acceptance of innovative environmental technologies that support circularity. The roadmap also outlines concrete actions that have been categorized based on priority and effectiveness criteria, to support the construction of a strategic path for the valorisation of ETV in business scenarios.