ETV presented at Ecomondo

On 7 November, the conference entitled “Third Party Verification of Environmental Technologies as a Tool for the Circular Economy: The Role of Environmental Technology Verification (ETV)” was held at Rimini Fiera at Ecomondo 2023, organised by ENEA as part of the LIFEproETV project. The aim of the conference was to present the ETV tool, as a voluntary environmental scheme with third-party certification, which provides technology producers and sellers, technology buyers, regulatory bodies, authorities, investors and funding bodies with a streamlined approach to confirm the performance of innovative environmental technologies in an impartial and credible manner. The potential and role of ETV in facilitating Italian transition towards circular economy and achieving some of the goals defined by the Italian National Strategy for the Circular Economy (SNEC), as well as the opportunities for companies deriving from its implementation, were illustrated.

The conference was coordinated by Silvia Sbaffoni and Erika Mancuso from ENEA. The works were opened by Claudia Brunori, Responsible for the Resource Efficiency Division of ENEA’s Sustainability Department. This was followed by a speech by Izabela Ratman-Kłosińska from IETU on the functioning of ETV as a voluntary system for verifying the performance of environmental technologies. Erika Mancuso presented ETV as a tool for the circular economy and the roadmap for Italy developed by ENEA. Giovanni D’Angelo from Rina had a presentation on third-party verification of environmental technologies and of the role of verification bodies. The final session was dedicated to Italian technologies verified with ETV: the SCENA technology, presented by Prof. Nicola Frison from the University of Verona, and the ReStoRe technology, presented by Dr. Marc Faverjon, from Deref SpA.

A fruitful debate ensued on the barriers to market acceptance and opportunities arising from ETV certification.

Moreover, for the entire duration of the fair, EN EA researchers were available to companies and professionals to present ETV at the stand dedicated to the LIFEproETV project.