KÖVET Association for Sustainable Economies

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KÖVET Egyesület a Fenntartható Gazdaságért/KÖVET Association for Sustainable Economies

Aradi utca 63., 1062 Budapest

(+36) 20 246 9541




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KÖVET Association for Sustainable Economies is an NGO, free from lobby interest, with a special public benefit status that aims to bridge sustainability theory and business practice through the selection and analysis of pioneering companies and model value initiatives. Since 1995, KÖVET has been active in the field of company level environmental management (EM) and corporate social responsibility, in close working contact with over 300 companies, NGOs, academic institutions, universities and international partner organizations through direct membership, events, training, awareness raising projects and expert services.

KÖVET is experienced in implementing small- and large-scale EU and other publicly financed projects and also a professional organization that provides assistance for small and large businesses on the way towards sustainable development. KÖVET raises awareness, spreads the idea and tools of EM, corporate responsibility and sustainable business solutions according to SDGs. KÖVET has over 50 members throughout the country within several industrial sectors. We had more than 100 projects, among them there are several EU financed ones. We organized a number of conferences and participated in and coordinated international tenders.

In the field of verification, we have great experience with our partners and member companies. KÖVET Association has its own developed system for Green Office and Green Event verification. We also do sustainability report verification for companies. In case of EMAS, we organize the annual conference on national level for the Hungarian EMAS community and we prepare organizations for building the system. On the other hand, we have a network of innovative energy technology experts. As we have a wide network of businesses, organizations, institutes and universities in Hungary, so KÖVET is an ideal partner for the dissemination project.

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Katinka Györki-Vincze

(+36) 20 246 9541


project assistant


Izabela Ratman – Kłosińska
LIFEproETV Coordinator
Institute for Ecology of
Industrial Areas, Katowice, Poland

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s LIFE Programme and is co-financed by the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management, Poland and the Ministry of Agriculture, Hungary