Webinar: Build competitive advantage for your green innovation with EU ETV on 29 September

LIFEproETV in cooperation with the Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) programme on 29 September 2021, organise a webinar: ‘Build competitive advantage for your green innovation with EU ETV’.

We invite innovators, investors, and buyers to the webinar on ETV’s potential to help improve their confidence in new environmental technologies.

The 2-hour webinar will take place from 10:00 to 12:00 CEST. During that time, you will learn how the EU ETV process works, how ETV supports EU and national-level policy, and be presented with a variety of case studies that showcase the benefits of EU ETV. The full webinar programme will be published in the coming weeks.

Registration is open!

Webinar is open to technology developers, public and private sector buyers, testing bodies, and policymakers working with environmental technologies at both the EU and national level. There will be speakers from the European Commission, European Institute for Technology, LIFEproETV project as well as developers and buyers of environmental technologies who have participated in the programme.

More information about the event at the EU ETV webpage