Online workshop about the ETV implementation in Hungary

KÖVET Association for Sustainable Economies held an online workshop about the ETV implementation in Hungary on 25/01/2022. Representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture, who are responsible for ETV in Hungary, their background institution, the National Accrediatation Authority and potential verification bodies discussed about ETV’s potential and opportunities and the implementation steps. Izabela Ratman-Klosinska, coordinator of the LIFEproETV project presented the steps of ETV national implementation in details.

The parties learnt a lot about ETV schemes and the consequences that – beside the interest of the innovative SMEs and technology buyers – a strong commitment is needed from the part of the Ministry and a certain interest from the potential verification bodies to introduce ETV in Hungary. ETV is the green guarantee but the recognition of the scheme is essential. The working group will go on with the implementation steps.

Upcoming event: stakeholder workshop for the candidate ETV companies in Hungary on 22 February from 9am online.