On 9-11 May 2023 LIFEproETV team met in Budapest to discuss the implementation of the LIFEproETV project and the related challenges.

The 6th Consortium meeting was hosted by our Hungarian Partner KÖVET. During the event we have discussed the challenge of developing business cases for ETV and country roadmaps leading to them. Under LIFEproETV we are planning to demonstrate and 5 such cases involving different aspects of ETV application. For Italy we intend to build a business case for ETV based on the application of the scheme as a tool supporting implementation of national circular economy policies. For Spain and Slovenia we will attempt to build a business case for ETV in a sectoral approach focusing on water and construction sectors and their innovation challenges, respectively. In Hungary we will try ETV business case in a broad national context focusing the business case on the increasing demand for green innovations while in Poland we will how ETV could work in support of Environmental Social & Governance (ESG) initiatives. To build and promote these cases we plan to launch dedicated promotional campaigns by the end of the year.  Stay turned to follow our developments by joining our LinkedIn community https://www.linkedin.com/showcase/lifeproetv-project/