Meeting with Confindustria Brescia and University of Brescia – Online, 24 JUNE, 2024

On 24 June, ENEA met with Confindustria Brescia and the University of Brescia to present the ETV tool.

The University was represented by Prof. Mentore Vaccari and Federico Pinzin from the DICATAM Department; Confindustria was represented by Dr. Chiara Lanzini, Head of the Energy, Environment and Safety Area..

ENEA illustrated the ETV verification scheme and its potential for use in the circular economy and the benefits that can be derived from its adoption for producers of innovative green technologies, as well as for purchasers of such technologies. The topic attracted much interest from both the University, which had already proposed itself as a potential Knowledge Centre, and Confindustria, with which we plan to organise a meeting with some associated companies to illustrate and further explore the topic.