LIFEproETV presented at “Best Practice Classes on Innovation Policy” webinar

Sustainable transitions under the EU Green Deal pose a challenge for innovation policies as they require an alignment of R&D and market uptake of innovations. In that context, LIFEproETV presented ETV as a tool in support of transformative innovation policies to the Slovakian authorities during a series of webinars organised by EIT Manufacturing on Best Practice Classes on Innovation Policy on 9 December 2021.

The seminar highlighted the utility of ETV as a transformative innovation policy support tool with focus on building a mutually supportive frameworks ensuring ETV pull and ETV push for its implementation on national level to facilitate market uptake of green innovations. It provided guidance, informed about the skills and capacities necessary for the policy makers in making decisions on joining the EU ETV Programme as well as information and materials that will be provided for transfer and replication by LIFEproETV project.