LIFEproETV networks with European Assistance For Innovation Procurement (EAFIP) initiative to promote ETV as a tool supporting innovation procurement

On 14 July EAFIP organises a webinar dedicated to good practices regarding evaluation, testing tools and methodologies for Innovation Procurement.

Beside other schemes and good practices, LIFEproETV project coordinator, Izabela Ratman-Kłosińska will be presenting how ETV  as an ISO standardised scheme can support contracting authorities during the execution of a PCP or PPI, particularly regarding the testing and verification methodology provided by the scheme and how ETV can take over the roles of a contracting authority during the testing phase to make their work easier and more reliable together with some practical examples .

LIFEproETV has developed a dedicated guidance document illustrating how ETV may assist contracting authorities in green public procurement and innovation procurement at the different stages of the process.

The event is a perfect opportunity to present this potential to European public buyers, suppliers and policy makers. Thank you EAFIP for invitation!

More information about the event and registration: