LIFEproETV at Industry Days Expo in Budapest

Between 07-10.05.2024 KÖVET Association was present at the Industry Days Expo in Budapest, where visitors could get first-hand information about the LIFEproETV project.

On Wednesday 08 May KÖVET held a workshop on “The role of innovation in the green transition”, where they presented the LIFEproETV project to the interested visitors. First, Katalin Herner, Executive Director of KÖVET Association, presented the potential of ETV as an environmental technology verification scheme to the companies’ representatives, then Izabela Ratman-Kłosińska ETV expert (Institute for Ecology of Industrial Areas, Katowice) gave examples of companies and technologies already verified with ETV and presented the process of verification, encouraging the participants to join.

Finally, a round-table discussion summarised the presentations, in which representatives of the Territorial Innovation Platforms of two Hungarian universities – the University of Miskolc and the University of Pannon – Zsolt István and Dr. Viktor Sebestyén, joined the discussion and shared their plans and assured the companies of their cooperation.