ECOMONDO fair is the most important Italian Green Technology EXPO, and is by today the only one in Europe dedicated to Circular Economy. The Expo is aimed at helping companies innovating and developing their businesses thanks to a high number of cooperation and networking opportunities such as: conferences, workshops, labs, events and prizes for innovation. The conference: “New management options and assessment tools for accelerating the transition towards Circular Economy”, held on 28th October 2021, as one of the events of ECOMONDO fair, aimed at presenting initiatives and innovative projects that would help this transition concretely. In this framework a focus has been dedicated to a number of market based tools, such as standards, schemes and eco-labels. LifeProETV project has been presented fitting perfectly in the broader discussion of tools accelerating the ecological innovation and their market uptake. After highlighting the main features of ETV, the presentation focused on key factors determining ETV market acceptance and recognition and what could be done to further boost the market uptake of the scheme. The audience pointed out the lack of awareness about this tool and confirmed the importance and the strong potential of the tool in easing and accelerating the emerging green innovative technologies to pass from the prototype stage to the commercialization phase, which, by today, suffers a structural gap.
Listen to the presentation here (in Italian):