LIFEproETV at ECOMONDO 2021 – New managerial options and assessment tools for accelerating the transition towards circular economy

On the date of 28th October 2021 the presentation “ETV as a tool to help environmental technologies enter the market. The LIFEproETV project” on LIFEproETV project will be presented by representatives of project partner ENEA.

The purpose of this presentation is to show the first results of the LIFEproETV project, with specific focus on the potential of ETV and its market acceptance and recognition opportunities. It summarizes the findings, defines the potential and proposes actions to move forward ETV, taking into account the findings of the ETV Pilot evaluation, the objectives set up for the development of the full-scale EU ETV Programme, as well as the extension context and the designed Roadmap.

Link of the event: