Joint meeting of LIFEproETV, ETV Secretariat and Verification Bodies

On 15 January LIFEproETV project organised a joint on-line meeting with the EU Verification Bodies and ETV Secretariat. 6 of 7 verification bodies attended the meeting including ETA-Denmark, CEMS, BRE, RINA, CSTB and IETU as VB. The purpose of the meeting was to present the LIFEproETV project and the ETV Secretariat to the verification bodies. The discussion was then focused on the presentations of the LIFEproETV findings concerning key aspects relevant to untap the market potential of ETV.

We have discussed from the perspective of several year experience the most challenging issues for technology providers when applying for ETV. This information is necessary for LIFEproETV to design the materials and tools that are to help proposers better understand ETV, get prepared for the application and simplify the process for them. The need for ETV promotion towards technology buyers and decision makers was also on the agenda. The VBs are an important stakeholder for LIFEproETV for the uptake of the tools and ETV materials for their marketing purposes. It was the first meeting but definitely not the last one.