How to improve your competitiveness in the water sector with ETV?

On the event of the 4th of April in Spain, the researchers Albert Serra and Ioanna Karakatsanidou from Cetaqua introduced ETV, as an innovative environmental verification system crafted to validate the effectiveness of emerging green technologies. In this webinar it was elucidated how this tool can facilitate the integration of novel technologies into the water sector to face its specific challenges.
A highlight of the event was the participation of Aina Membrive Rivero, Technical Manager of AGBAR Positive and Environmental Impact Evaluation Specialist, who provided insights into the crucial concept of water footprint reduction. It was explained how ETV is linked with the water footprint contributing to its calculation and reduction.
Additionally, Rafael Casielles from BIOAZUL shared his firsthand experience with ETV, whose testimony can already be found in the ETV-Hub.