PANEL SESSION 3 – Derisking investments in green-tech

13:45 – 15:15 Panel session 3 – Derisking investments in green-tech
Session description:
Green-tech investments are gaining and increasing attention from private capital providers. However, investment in green-tech/clean-tech companies is a much riskier than in companies from medical or software technologies. First, new environmental technologies require much more testing, sometimes in complex environments, to prove their performance. Secondly, investment in an innovative environmental technology may require a complete understanding of the technological advance behind , accessing the frontier of a specific scientific field in order to understand the risks and benefits associated with its performance and application. The same applies to the banking sector offering financing of projects and investments involving new environmental technologies. ETV verifies environmental technologies with the purpose to ascertain and report on their performance characteristics in a credible and impartial way . It seeks to provide high-quality data on the performance characteristics of technologies that may help capital providers in technical due diligence assessment as a basis for green financing/investment decisions
Session objective:
The objective of the session is to present and discuss the utility of ETV with the capital providers: investors and the banking sector as a scheme providing credible frameworks for assessing viability, feasibility and reliability of an innovative environmental technology together with the environmental effects to de-risk investments or avoid greenwashing in financing environmental projects
Questions to be addressed:

  • What are the key risks and challenges when investing in green-tech/clean tech or seeking an investor ?
  • How performance assessments of technologies are considered in financing/investment decisions and ESG assessments in the context of Green Taxonomy?
  • Can ETV be used as a signal or a monitoring system indicating promising innovative environmental technologies or business models for domestic and international investors?
  • Could ETV could help investors avoid greenwashing?
13:45 – 13:55 Setting the scene: The challenges of investing in green tech an investor perspective

  • Michał Lasocki – Venture Partner at EEC Ventures
    Presentation [PDF]
13:55 – 14:55 Panel discussion:

  • Darina Štyriaková – CEO at EKOLIVE (startup), ETV Statement holder
  • Ben Honan – Investment Manager, EIT Climate-KIC
  • Arkadiusz Primus – Chairman of the Board, INVESTEKO S. A.
  • Francois Gilles – Innovation Finance Advisor, EIB
14:55 – 15:15 Q&A session / interactive session

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