PANEL SESSION 1 – Environmental technologies for the EU Green Deal – Details


10:00 – 11:30 Panel session 1 – Environmental technologies for the EU Green Deal
Session description:
The EU Green Deal plays an important role in shaping the sustainable transformation of industry at EU and national level with the help of new environmental technologies. At the same time it raises expectations on their performance to allow faster and more thorough pollution prevention, control, cleanup monitoring , less energy and resource consumption to reduce the environmental burden of industrial processes and products. New environmental technologies offer performance meeting these expectations. However, the biggest challenge with their market uptake remains with a clear, objective and credible demonstration that their technical viability meets these expectations when applied in real-world industrial environments. An reliable source of information on technology performance offered by ETV could help technology buyers in making informed purchase decisions in line with their needs and expectations. For technology providers it would provide a level playing field enabling marketing of their innovations based on objectively acquired and verified technology performance data
Session objective:
The objective of the session is to highlight the performance expectations concerning new environmental technologies most relevant to the achievement of the EU Green deal targets and objectives, and the role of objective and credible sources of technology performance information provided by ETV to facilitate the market uptake of these technologies
Questions to be addressed:

  • What are the key risks in meeting user expectations concerning market adoption of new environmental technologies?
  • How important is independent technology performance assessment for a market entry of a new environmental technology in meeting these risks?
  • Do the current compliance schemes related to technologies and their performance sufficiently allow to reduce the risks related to new environmental technologies concerning their performance?
  • Would an EU ETV scheme recognized by the environmental marketplace actors allow to create a comfort zone for market uptake of new technologies for technology providers and buyers?
10:00 – 10:10 Setting the scene: Role of ETV in meeting the EU Green Deals objectives through the assessment of environmental technologies performance”

  • Pierre Henry – Team Coordinator, “ Sustainable Products” Unit, Directorate for Circular Economy DG Environment, European Commission
    Presentation [PDF]
10:10 – 11:10 Panel discussion:

  • Ludo Diels – Chair of the Advisory and Programming Group of Processes4Planet, VITO
  • Artur ten Wolde – Executive Director, ECOPRENEURS
  • Francesco Presicce – Project Officer, Unit for circular economy and industrial leadership, DG JRC, European Commission
  • Jowita Sewerska – Senior Associate at European Circular Bioeconomy Fund
11:10 – 11:30 Q&A session / interactive session

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